Wellness Wednesdays – Prepping for Your First Liver Cleanse

This week, we are focusing on how to fully prep for a liver cleanse – we’ve talked about several different ways to do this in the past, but one of the first ways (and perhaps the most important!) is to ease away from animal protein and alcohol prior to beginning the cleanse.

Cutting back on animal protein can greatly increase your chances of success with the liver cleanse. Chicken, for example, can coagulate blood protein within 1 hour of eating it, causing blood platelets to stick together. This reduces their ability to take up oxygen and deliver it to the brain and other parts of the body. When prepping for a liver cleanse, you want to make sure to back away from animal protein – potential side effects from beginning a liver cleanse while eating a heavy amount of animal protein could be: dizziness, weakness, passing out, constipation, upset stomach, etc.

Another source of irritation during your liver cleanse could be your alcohol consumption. It is key to be ‘aware’ that the detox reaction could be much stronger if you continue to drink alcohol during the cleanse – this can cause headaches, weakness, etc. If you feel this cleanse would be a “waste of time” if you enjoy drinking, it is actually the exact opposite. It’s actually even more important. The liver cleanse can help repair much of the damage that has been inflicted on the liver by moderate to heavy drinking.

Be sure to check back Friday for our Liver Cleanse Recipe, and as always – sound off in the comments below for any thoughts or suggestions you may have on how to “ease off” animal protein and alcohol! 🙂

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