Wellness Wednesdays – Ow! That Burns

I’m sure you know that the skin is the largest organ in/on the body. According to the “Body Ecology” website, “…Your skin is also the most susceptible organ to oxidative stress from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. As the weather begins to warm, and we spend more time outdoors, many of us are likely to reach for a bottle of sunscreen in order to protect our skin from sun damage. But do you really know what is in your sunscreen?

Every summer, new high-SPF sunscreen products line the shelves, each offering superior sun protection under a friendly marketing guise. However, the truth is that in the United States, sunscreens are still made with ingredients that not only offer inadequate sun protection from UVA rays, but many of these common ingredients also damage the skin and may promote free radical damage, skin cancer, allergic reactions, and hormonal imbalance.”

Wow! To us, that means we need to be on the lookout for exactly what types of sunscreens we’re buying, and what are some better ways we can also protect ourselves from the sun (remember, natural Vitamin D is a GREAT thing…just in moderation and at the right hours!):

  • Stay out of the sun at peak hours
  • Keep covered up (loose clothing)
  • Don’t lie in the sun purposefully seeking a tan
  • Cover your head with a hat – your scalp is sensitive too!
  • Wear sunglasses
  • Use an umbrella
  • Choose a shady spot if possible

While we can’t tell you the BEST sunscreen out there (don’t worry, we’re still researching it!), we do want to remind you of one VERY important fact: ALWAYS read the ingredients! Our motto is: If you can’t understand what it is, it may not be the best to put on you!

Below you’ll find some more fantastic information regarding sunscreen and additional things you can do to prevent that awful sunburn! 🙂

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