Wellness Wednesdays – Bread! Huah! What is it Good For?

For those who love bread, this might hurt. We apologize in advance, but we have to be honest…bread is NOT your friend. We’re sorry!

Nutritionists and dietitians have encouraged us to eat whole grains instead of bread. But grains, especially gluten grains like wheat, have been under intense scrutiny in the past several years. The number of respected health professionals (Western and Eastern!) now state that bread (as well as other sources of gluten grains) are unnecessary at best and potentially harmful at worst.

What makes bread so bad? Here a few reasons:

1. Increases Blood Sugar Levels
2. Can Be Addictive
3. Mucus Forming
4. Difficult to Digest
5. Nutritionally Deficient

People choose bread alternatives for a variety of reasons, some of which may be related to dietary restrictions or health concerns:
Portobello “Sandwich Bread”
Butternut Squash

Below is a great link to an article we found that highlights these options and how you can use them!


Let us know if you have other ideas or suggestions on alternatives to bread, and look forward to this Feel Good Friday’s blog when we post some recipes from Brenda Watson on great food ideas without the gluten! 🙂

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