Time for Spring Cleaning

We’ve decided to do something a little different this week and add in an extra blog – we felt it only fitting to let everyone know about our month of “Spring Cleaning” for our bodies in April!!!

Cleansing helps to clear out those irritating allergies that always seem to occur right around spring time. There are SO many options that one can use to help “cleanse” the body, and we are very excited to share all of these with you in the next upcoming weeks – so be sure to check us out twice weekly (starting with this Wellness Wednesday!) for our future blogs about the parts of the body you’ll definitely want to “clean out”!!!
Please check out these two websites – the first is about the nationally recognized digestive health educator Brenda Watson C.N.C.  and her product line called Advanced Naturals. The company was founded in 1998, and they focus all of their attention on digestive health, and ways to help the gut repair naturally!

The second website is about Dr. Bo Wagner – we’ve spoken about him before (with our parasite cleanse), and we strongly believe in his products and his expertise. He is a “…noted clinical nutritionist, doctor of natural medicine, cosmetic formulator, researcher, author, dean, professor, lecturer, certified sports nutritionist, certified Colon Hydrotherapist, certified phlebotomy technician, and certified to do cardiovascular testing as a Digital Pulsewave Analysis (DPA) technician.” You won’t go wrong with his products!

Coming up this week on our blog: The problems that can occur from ‘Allergy Season’ and how to prevent suffering from those ‘side effects’ ever again!

Also, we will be sending out an email blast soon all about our upcoming specials – that’s one email you don’t want to miss out on!!! 🙂

Be prepared to start a cleanse for your own “Spring Cleaning”!

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