Nutrition Consultation

Nutritional Consultation

Gentle Wellness Center specializes in cleansing the body as well as supporting all systems with supplements, herbs and essential oils for your health like:

• Liver Gallbladder cleanse
• Parasite cleanse
• Weight loss
• Hormone support
• Heart support
• Allergy relief
• Blood sugar balancing
• Brain and memory functions….

Want to know the age of your inner body? Have your DPA test…

Cardiovascular, Heart and Arterial Testing…Digital Pulswave Analyzer – Heart Rate Variability
Non-Invasive – User Friendly – Screening Technology

Test Your:
• Heart Rate
• Biological Age
• Ejection Levels
• Hydration Levels
• Arterial Flexibility
• Peripheral Circulatory Disturbances
• Overall Cardiovascular Health