Feel Good Fridays – Anti-inflammatory Drink

Summer is almost here and that means weather will invite us outside to…play, walk and enjoy. The one thing that can restrict us from going outside is pain from inflammation. An easy drink that might help make you feel better and as a surprise may give you less needs for sugars and carbs. These yummy carbs are too often the base cause of inflammation. This concoction can help you win the battle with inflammation.

8 cups of filtered water (alkaline)
1 lemon peeled (organic)
1 cucumber (large or 2 small) english/Persian (organic)
powdered ginger-cayenne and turmeric to taste (helps circulation, inflammation and digestion)

Put all ingredients in your blender and drink at least 8 to 16 cups per day. Some drink 64 ounces daily for. This drink with a grapefruit or apple for breakfast can be the start of a happy day. ?

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