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These include regulatingpancreatic secretion, inducing digestion and absorption, andcontrolling energy homeostasis by acting on neural pathwaysof the brain-gut-adipose axis.

The short neckcontains the centrioles and the origin of the coarse fibers.The middle piece is approximately 7

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FEEL YOUNG AND VIBRANT! Walking is the first sign towards our independence but unfortunately we take it for granted. This feeling of freedom is ours to enjoy until we are challenged with restraints. We then complain about the restriction it …

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Summer is almost here and that means weather will invite us outside to…play, walk and enjoy. The one thing that can restrict us from going outside is pain from inflammation. An easy drink that might help make you feel better …

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There’s nothing wrong with boosting your immunity, naturally. You may not realize this, but there are plenty of needle-free ways to boost immunity….and some of them are so weird, it’s hard to believe they really work: 1. Medicinal Laughter: There’s …

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Happy Friday! Today, we wanted to share a recipe from the Body Ecology cookbook (you can purchase it here) because when beginning this cleanse, you want to make sure that you eat healthy, clean foods that won’t undo all the work you’re …

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Here are some benefits to eating “clean” while cleansing: You’ll be more productive You’ll be less stressed and “happier” You will age better and possibly live longer! Here are some great foods to try out during your cleanse! Artichokes Avocado …

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Happy Friday everyone! We wanted to post a scrumptious recipe we found from L.Michelle  – we all know that most every person out there LOVES pizza, but not everyone is able to have it. This recipe takes cauliflower, and turns it into …

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Last week we discussed different alternatives to eating bread, and now we would love to discuss why going “grain free” altogether may be an option for you! First, let’s start with a few benefits to going grain free: * Improved …