Wellness Wednesday – Exercising in Addition to Liver Cleanse

Starting towards our liver cleanse, we have eliminated alcohol and coffee as well as begun a vegetarian diet (cutting out wheat, diary, and heavy meat). In addition, to continue with January’s “Healthy Tips,” we wanted to focus a bit more on assisting the liver with it’s cleansing, and not forgetting to exercise!

To help detoxify the liver, it is always a great idea to exercise for at least 15-30 minutes a day! The best exercises for cleansing involve deep breathing to enhance the circulatory system. Yoga aids flexibility, circulation and reducing stress. T’ai chi improves circulation, muscle strength and flexibility and reduces stress. Qigong supports the circulatory system and reduces stress. Swimming and bicycling also are good for the circulatory system, build muscle strength and can ultimately reduce stress.

For example, Qigong is a very popular method to exercise while also helping to heal the liver. While this is incredibly beneficial, there is also a type of “liver detox self massage” that is wonderful to try!

According to the ‘LiveStrong’ website, “…The liver self-massage can be used to detoxify your liver and release negative, pent-up emotions from this area, according to Chinese medical practitioner and Qigong instructor Kay Hutchinson in an article for SelfGrowth.com. To perform this technique, rest your hands on the area just below your right rib cage. Slowly massage the area using circular motions in a counter-clockwise direction for about three minutes. Breathe deeply and picture your hands releasing cool energy into your liver.”

Tell us what types of exercises you would like to do while cleansing! Remember to keep things light – you don’t want to try and change everything all at once. By introducing exercises slowly into your daily lifestyle, you will find that success is much more attainable!

Check out the articles below for more information on exercising and your liver! 🙂

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