Nutrition Consultation

Nutritional Consultation

Dr. Bo Wagner is a Clinical Nutritionist and a Doctor of Natural Medicine. Dr. Bo’s motto is “20 Forever,” how to maintain a youthful, vibrant existence with the energy and health of being 20 for your entire life! It is not a quick fix or a diet. It is a powerful way of living, something you do every minute of every day of your life. His intention is to educate you and support your growth, so you can go anywhere in the world, make good decisions, and look, feel and be your best at all times.

Dr. Wagner has specialized in cleansing your body as well as supporting all systems of your body for optimal health like:

• Liver Gallbladder detox
• Parasite detox
• Weight loss
• Hormone support
• Heart support
• Allergy relief
• Blood sugar balancing
• Brain and memory functions….

Dr. Bo has refined the blood type diet and food combining to a simpler understanding for all. You will find the most succulent recipes for your blood type in his books. He also simplified what to eat and what not to eat when you go out to restaurants.

Want to know the age of your inner body? Have your DPA test…

Cardiovascular, Heart and Arterial Testing…Digital Pulswave Analyzer – Heart Rate Variability
Non-Invasive – User Friendly – Screening Technology

Test Your:
• Heart Rate
• Biological Age
• Ejection Levels
• Hydration Levels
• Arterial Flexibility
• Peripheral Circulatory Disturbances
• Overall Cardiovascular Health

Healthy arteries are flexible and elastic. Unhealthy arteries are often stiff or hard and cannot expand, which places extra strain on the heart to pump blood throughout the rest of the body. Cardiovascular disease continues to be the number one killer for both men and women throughout North America. Dr. Bo Wagner is a certified DPA technician and believes that the use of the DPA can help reduce cardiovascular disease through early detection and prevention, and ultimately decrease the financial costs placed on the healthcare industry and stress placed on family and friends.

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Initial visit 2 hours plus $300
One hour consult is $195
30 minute consult $ 100
2nd person sitting in $75
3rd person sitting in $50.00
DPA (biological age testing) $130
Blood Typing With 30 minute Consultation $100
Blood typing with book 10-15 minutes $50

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