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Lymph Drainage Massage Benefits:

The idea behind lymph drainage massage therapy is that lymph fluid can become stagnant over time. This stagnation could be caused by fatigue, stress, inflammation and so much more. When lymphatic circulation slows down too much, cell regeneration may become far less than optimal. Toxins and proteins can accumulate around the cells, leading to decreased lymph flow causing tissue congestion.

Cupping Lymphatic Tissue Cleansing Massage:

• Recommended for cellulite
• Detoxifying
• Body shaping and sculpting
• Relief from painful edema
• Lymph draining can reduce swelling helping to tone legs, stomach and arms


“I have never been more satisfied with the results Gentle Wellness’s Lymph Cupping Massage. Now 2 months into my twice a week lymphatic drainage massage, 90% of my horrible permanent swelling of legs, face, waist and all over my body has pretty much gone. Great results and I still want to continue just for how good it is for the body…detox, relaxation and general wellbeing.” Shelly L, Los Angeles, CA

• It is best to not eat before your session
• You can take 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with a pinch of pink salt to help the release of lactic acid during the session.
• Dry brushing between sessions is always a great benefit to the lymphatic flow and the skin.
• Gentle exercises are important to keep the lymph moving.
• For best results 3 evaluating sessions to target the body’s needs.


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